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New Record!!!

Old Friend's Waltz
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Song Listing
1. Julia Delaney
2. Oh, Lady Be Good
3. La Bistringue/Flowers of Edinburgh/Red Haired Boy
4. Flowers of the Forest
5. Avocado
6. Music for a Found Harmonium
7. Cluck Old Hen/WheelHoss
8. Pretty Fine

9. Star of Munster
10. Walking in the Rain
11. Cindy/Randy's Weave
12. Lark in the Morning
13. Old Friends Waltz/Roscommon Reel
14. Harp Farm
15. I'm a Hog for You, Baby




In the Vinyl Tradition Vol 2
The second volume of our compilation series. This CD contains songs from our fourth and fifth albums, "Dulcimer Dimensions" & "Take 5

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Song Listing
1. Hunting Island
2. Flash Destiny
3. Minor Meander
4. C.W.'s Bounce
5. French Girl's Waltz
6. On the Back Porch/Down the Stairs
7. We Know Slim
8. The End of a Story
9. T-Bear's Lullaby
10. Waters of Babylon/Out the Window

11. Take 5
12. Susan Miller/Dust on the Mantle
13. Dance of the Aisle
14. Winter's Fall
15. Planxty Clint Eastwood
16. Andalucia
17. March of the Picnic Ants
18. Cat Shoes

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Song Listing
1. Vladmir's Steamboat
2. Under the Apple Tree/Hot Club Swing
3. Schottische du Stockfish
4. Assenhado
5. Waltz of the Jewel
6. Spirit Feel
7. Funtaslikh
8. Learned Pigs and Fireproof Women
9. Langstrom's Pony/Maid at the Spinning Wheel
10. Manha du Carnival
11. Flor de Santa Cruz
12. Minor Swing
13. Tras o Monte/Mariachi Meltdown
14. Bryan O'Lynn

In the Vinyl Tradition Vol. 1
A compilation of our second and third LP's, "Isles of Langerhans" and "Traditional Music of the Future".

Song Listing
1. Kitchen Gal/Hogeye
2. Isles of Langerhans
3. The Mouth Reel
4. Citizen of the World
5. Inside the Music Box
6. Just Another Hammer Dulcimer Tune
7. Leaves of Life/Nonesuch
8. Maid of Glen Heather
9. The Star of Munster

10. The Home Ruler/O'Keefe's Slide
11. the Flying Cloud Reel/Rusty Piper
12. Amusing the Muse
13. William Shannon-Joe
14. Hills of O'hammering
15. Sorta Samba
16. Reward for Trying
17. Two Note Improvisation
18. Ode to a Gloworm


Coffee at Midnight
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Song Listing
1. Unreel
2. Coffee at Midnight
3. Percussed
4. Idle Times
5. Mixed Feelings
6. Roumanian Rhumba

7. Boys of Ballisodare
8. Pachabel's Waltz
9. St. Pete/St. Thomas
10. Restarea
11. Reggae Jackson
12. Au Jardin d'Amour

Blue Roses
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Song Listing
1. Kartune
2. Clint Meets Topov
3. Blue Roses
4. Newyorican/Aguinaldo Orocoveno
5. Return of the Picnic Ants
6. Jitterbug Waltz
7. The Stride

8. Castelo de Pastoro
9. Los Reyes Oriente
10. LIttle Rock Getaway
11. Dr. Nightshade
12. The Story of Nestor/Flowers of Red Hill
13. Broken Key Boogie
14. Procastination

Harmonica Celtic Blues
Pete Hastings and others, 1994. Celtic and blues music featuring
NSA's Pete Hastings on harmonica.

Song Listing
coming soon....

Sigh into the Universe
by Pete Hastings, EMC-003


Song Listing
coming soon....